Creative, Imaginative and Educational Apps for Kids

Deep Sea Lullabies

Deep Sea Lullabies is an app created to make children's imagination and dreams more colorful and sleep more peaceful. The detailed underwater world has been drawn by hand, the peaceful melodies – created by a composer and performed with real musical instruments. This world will present friendly underwater creatures, some of them created by our own children. It will have unexpected surprises and put a smile on the sleepy faces.

Cockroaches - Gustav's bicycle shop

Help Gustav to repair bicycles and serve customers

Join the magical world of Cockroaches. Enter Gustav's bicycle shop and help him with his daily chores. Fix broken bicycles, serve customers and restore old rusty bikes! Learn more about how bicycles work.

Little Puddle

Beautiful story about cheerful puddle.

Little Puddle is an inspirational and creative story about a cheerful puddle that was born one rainy morning in the middle of a sidewalk. Join in and see what wonders a little bit of rain can make.